Ordering in has a whole new meaning. These
are outrageously amazing chocolate covered
chow mein noodles with chocolate bits, cran-
berries and chopped walnuts nuts that are
served in an artful, colorful, silk take out con-
tainer. This set comes with a set of matching
chopsticks and ribbon.
Price: $39 each


Based on your budget and needs we can also
serve this mix in either a colorful, fun frosted
plastic take out container or a printed or colorful
paper take out container. Either way your set will
come with a set of matching chopsticks and ribbon.
Not Shown. Price: $33

We can sell this in a simple plastic bag with an
artful ribbon and a set of chopsticks. (Not shown)
Price: $25

If you have a bigger budget we can offer these
in an oversized printed silk takeout container
with bamboo handles. (Prices available upon request.)

We can also sell this in bulk. Tell us how many
you are serving and we will get you a price.

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