THE SUBLIME (Top Seller)

Want a new option to popcorn? Try this!
These are cornflakes that have been dipped
and folded into chocolate. They come in two
ways: dark chocolate covered cornflakes with
milk chocolate chips and white chocolate cov-
ered cornflakes with white chocolate chips.
Is it breakfast or dessert? Either way this can
be used as a snack food to be eaten by the
handful, or for a topping on ice cream or
mousse. This is an addicts dream because
once you start you will never be able to stop!


The large set uses two glass vases: one filled
with dark chocolate covered cornflakes and one with white chocolate covered cornflakes, each tied with a colorful ribbon. The two vases come in a beautiful basket with either silk or live flowers depending on your needs.
Price: $72

Perfect for smaller gifts or table arrangements, they can be sold individually in stunning vases, bowls or dishes with a flower or seasonal ornaments.
Price $30

Need party favors or something smaller? We
can provide the cornflakes in simple cellophane bags
that are tied with beautiful ribbon and a single rose.
Price: $26

Just want the cornflakes? We sell this in bulk
Price: Tell us how many people you want to serve
and we will determine the price.


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