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Fab Foods is proudly different. We do not mass-produce anything. All of our sets are done by hand so each is like a work of art--you get the finest, most sophisticated and most inspired gift possible. We are forever shopping the market and working with our associates finding the most fab-ulous of everything—you can depend on us to use the most special ribbon, boxes, and baskets.
Nothing is standard with Fab Foods.

Also, because everything is themed our gift sets contain no miscellaneous items, and they will generally never be towers of food.
All of our gifts have a purpose and a sensibility. That is what makes them so fab. But it is also partially why our sets take a bit longer to make and are a bit more expensive than some of our competitors.

We love thinking out of the box (pun intended) and love being challenged. If you have a party or a gift with specific requirements, tell us about it and we will brainstorm with you. We want to be your creative gift partner. Please call us to discuss your needs and we will come up with the fab alternative.