This is absolute bliss "a pure rush to the head" These are the finest almonds that have been dipped in a rich, dark chocolate, spiced with hazelnuts and finally covered in confectioner's sugar. The nuts are packaged in a stunning silver platted dish for an elegant statement.
Price: $47


We can use 2 glass vases each filled to the rim
with almonds, because they are THAT good-the
vases would be housed in a beautiful basket and
come with either silk or live flowers depending
on your needs. Price: $66

Perfect for smaller gifts or table arrangements,
they can be sold individually in stunning vases,
bowls or dishes with a flower or seasonal orna-
ments. Price $35

Need party favors or something smaller? We can
provide the almonds in simple plastic bags
that are tied with beautiful ribbon and a single
rose. Price: $30

Almonds also available in a coca covering. These almonds have been dipped in a rich, dark chocolate, and spiced with a toffee coating and are finally covered with a light coca.

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