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These are not just gift baskets. Fab Foods is a new, fabulously chic food and gift set company. We create delectable, original and unexpected food ideas and package them with sophisticated style.

All of our sets are based on different motifs, include their own tastefully themed gift that can be used again and again and can always be customized to meet your needs.

Fab Foods has two distinct lines. The first, Fab Decadence is for chocoholics and anyone who wants something fantastically indulgent. It is especially designed for people who love to break the rules and eat what they desire. The line is amazing—it is filled with fabulous fantasy food. Most of these are from our own recipes and you can't find these foods anywhere else!

Our team of chocoholics has spent years in the kitchen dreaming up the dreamy, making the unbelievable, believable! Wait until you see…you will be thrilled to see beautifully packaged, totally unique items like our chocolate covered chow mein noodle mix.

The second line is vigilantly health conscious. We bring a wide variety of low-carb and sugar free foods together. Every set is deliciously surprising and incredibly unique.

To date these have been used as hostess gifts, holiday gifts, shower party favors, corporate thank-yous and other corporate gift offerings.

Whatever the occasion our gifts are one of a kind, fashionable, timely, and fresh and will be sure to spice up any event, social function or desk. They will give you the gift alternative for which you and your clients are, no doubt, searching.

Our senior chocoholic and principal Carolyn Blumberg, is a self-described “foodie”. Her love of food has fed her veracious appetite for learning and understanding the food industry and she has immersed herself in that world. She knows what the latest trends are and what tastes great. But her true sweet spot is chocolate. She and her father spent a life time sharing and comparing notes on all their favorite chocolate desserts throughout the country and even globally as they traveled. Their discerning pallets found that dark chocolate simply mixed with nuts and unexpected products at home are special and totally delicious. Carolyn has spent years in the kitchen working on and modifying these recipes she brings to you today.

She uses her 20 years of experience working in marketing and advertising in the fashion and fragrance worlds. As a result, Fab Foods packaging is incredibly unique and makes an impact on a client’s desk or in a hostess’ home. It is always based on what is going on in the fashion world…Fab always knows the hottest, and the most stylish” color pallet and will use that to create the newest package. Our choices are never standard! The look is always exciting, fashionable, and fresh.